Road Trippin'

A Double Ambush pt I

That... did not go as planned

The group settled in to await the inevitable attack of the Raffen Shiv, Grandpa having taken the trike they found and left to get a vehicle or some form of assistance. Thanatos and Sterling were both laid up in the RV, Sterling being badly injured and both of them having a strain of the virulent BioPlague, Gamous Absentious. Cho-Fae had settled into one of the recliners in the back of the RV to rest, his chest bandaged from his cracked ribs, his H&K 2025 resting on his lap. Kincaid and Pierce lay prone on the roof of the RV, keeping an eye north and south along the highway while Tommy took a position on the ridge above the RV with the Nomad Longrifle, surveying both directions. They had two trios of mines on the highway, getting into different positions to set up an ambush for the raiders when they came in. Sometime after dusk, a lone car, a beat up, off-road Bug came in from the south, hit the center mine and flipped multiple times before coming to a stop, sitting sideways along the highway, the driver crawled out in a hurry and hid behind a boulder while Tommy caught him in his sites, waiting to see if the new person would fire upon Kincaid as he approached the wreckage. Kincaid noticed him move behind the boulder and moved as well, keeping the boulder between them, trying to hop on onto it to have a superior vantage point over the driver. Kincaid's foot slipped and he fell back off the rock, the driver didn't notice, however, his ears still ringing from the explosion, an Anti-Dazzle option in his eye kept him from being blinded. Kincaid cursed quietly to himself, hopping back up, his thermal signature catching the eye of the crouched driver who reached up and flipped him off the rock onto his back as Kincaid reached for his handgun. Kincaid looks quickly over, saw his gun was just out of reach and went to kip up, intending to throw a blade behind him at the driver. The driver saw this too and kicked him across the face, knocking him out. Pierce saw this and started sprinting towards the pair as Tommy put a warning shot by the currently deaf driver who did, at least, notice the impact on the ravine wall by his head. He ducked down, dragging Kincaid's body over his and crouched behind the boulder for cover. Hearing the shot, Cho-Fae left the RV and went up the side of the ravine to hide near Tommy, to keep an eye out for any Raffen Shiv that might be trying to sneak up on the sniper from the sides. The driver waited a few seconds before propping Kincaid's unconcious body up, but luckily Pierce recognized him, shouting, "Don't shoot, he's one of ours" while still sprinting towards the boulder. The driver could now vaguely hear him over the ringing in his hears, and could make out when (Ryan) moved over, yelling out, "Freeze" while Tommy took a bead on him.


The driver had peeked from behind the body and was spooked by the large thermal presence down the road, past the RV, his eyes widening as he cursed loudly, ducking down. Tommy, saw the instant change in the driver's expression, deciding to glance back to the North, seeing a large convoy with a combat rig and many outriding vehicles in a loose clump barreling quietly down the highway at them. He snapped off a shot, praying to the digital gods for luck, the 15mm BMG round gliding easily through the windshield of the battlerig, taking the out the raider driving it right before it hit the first mine on the highway. As the old Peterbilt hit the mine, it jackknifed, cutting off some of the outriders, the trailer hitting another hidden mine, rolling and tossing its occupants free in a fiery explosion. An outrider near the cab of the semi went wide, but managed to hit the last of the mines in the road, flipping into a wide spray of charred and burning parts along the highway. Six Scorpion FAV's split up, going up on each side of the ravine, flanking the RV, Heavy machine gunners pointing their barrels at the derelict vehicle. Tommy snapped off a quick shot into the ammo can of one of the machine guns, trying to spark the ammunition and dove back off the ravine, rolling down towards the RV as three of the gunners opened up on him, striking him several times before he rolled to a stop by the door of the RV. By some miracle, none of the raiders on that side of the highway noticed Cho-Fae hiding in a nearby niche, several of the passengers getting out of their vehicles, one walking within two feet of him as they took up positions atop the ravine, pointing weapons down at the RV. During the commotion, the driver from the first explosion, a solo named CeeKay, dropped the nomad he'd been holding and ran, hiding behind the wreckage of his bug. Pierce quickly checked Kincaid, determining he was still alive, and the both he and CeeKay brokered a truce.


Back at the RV another vehicle pulled up, a massive, custom Harley Davidson Wargod, its rider a large, very obviously cybered up man in denim jeans and a black leather jacket with a sledgehammer over his back. "Well, well, well" he spoke, his voice booming over the area as he looked down at the RV. "It would seem we found the people who'd been killin' our boys. I gotta say, I like your spunk, but we can't stand for that shit." he pointed down at the RV, "I'll tell you what, you come out of that RV, hands up and no weapons, y'all might live to see the sunrise. If y'all don't…" he chuckled, taking a drag off of a cigarette.. "Well… things'll get very interesting. You've got until the count of five, then that RV will have more holes in it Bonnie and Clyde." He stopped to take another drag, "FIVEFOUR…"


At this point Charisse comes out, tears streaking her face screaming, "Wait! Wait! I have injured inside, I can bring them out, but it might take a little more than five seconds, please!" Morgan, the leader of the Raffen Shiv nodded, "Alright darlin', I like cooperation and the look on your face. You have twenty seconds to get them the hell outta there, each second you're late is a bullet going into your friends." He grins at her as he runs back inside, getting Thanatos to help her carry Sterling outside.


Morgan has his men check them all, strip them down and stand behind them, a gun to the back of everyone's head as Morgan told them their new reality of life. "This one here" he booted Tommy's unconscious body, "he's got spirit. I like that, I like that a lot. He's going to be our bitch once he comes to." Someone had evidently called in for an additional vehicle, as several minutes later, an old, modified refer truck pulled up, with shackles lining its inner walls. Tommy, Sterling, Thanatos and Charisse were all locked up and driven away. The area remained quiet for several long minutes before Pierce and CeeKay started discussing a deal, disarming a trap they had left on the leaking Bug, just in case the raiders came down to investigate. Cho-Fae slid out of the hiding spot, body aching from stay still for so long in that awkward position and checked the RV, finding a few supplies had not been picked over or missed in the raider's search for supplies.


An hour later a large semi tow-truck stopped outside the range of where the mines had been laid, it's lights off and flashed it's headlights twice, waiting for confirmation. By this point, a sore Kincaid had woken up, so the four remaining people in the group went out, meeting up with Grandpa and the man behind the wheel, whom Grandpa had introduced as his good friend, Cid. Cid worked on towing the RV and the Semi out to a spot several miles off the road, out of sight while the others worked on a plan to rescue those who had been captured.



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