Road Trippin'

A Double Ambush pt II

... Not as bad as I'd feared

Grandpa hands out a set of special Mastoid Communicators to everyone in the group, tests them and puts them on the same Frequency.


The Plan:

Kincaid and Pierce are to dress as Raffen Shiv, take the RS Trike and enter the Outpost at Provo. They are to do nothing overt, just find the location of every single person that has been taken. Grandpa and the others will wait a few hours, then follow along. Once Grandpa and the others are close by, they will signal the two infiltrators of their presence with two mic squawks. Once contact has been made, a secondary plan will go into effect to enact the extraction.


What Actually Happened:

The two infiltrators drove into the base after a little hesitation and weren't glanced at twice. They parked the trike in the parking lot,  finding the outpost was a 10 block spread within the city of Provo that was surrounded by junk walls, fortifying it a bit. They took several hours, looking around, keeping their helmets on and found out that the outpost housed roughly twenty of the Raffen Shiv, there was a large warehouse in the back of the compound where the lieutenant stayed that also housed their armory and right next to it was a double fenced area topped with razor wire for the slave pen. The inner most fenced in area housed most of the slaves, while the area between the two had twelve metal boxes with holes in them, three per side. Further inspection showed only two of the boxes were occupied, which might account for Tommy, the only person from the group taken that was missing from the yard. The raiders were in high spirits, celebrating their recent victory and new acquisitions. A party and orgy were underway as well as a feast of questionable origin.


Thinking quickly, Kincaid met up with Pierce and said, "Go relieve the guard at the slave pen"

Pierce tilted his head to the side a bit, considering the suggestion, "Go relieve the guard…?" his hand making a few stroking motions, seeming confused.

"What?" Kincaid said, "No… I mean… that'd probably work, but no. Go replace him."


Pierce, fairly confident in his bartering skills, walked up to the guard, "So. Uh… I'm here to replace you so you can get some drinks and have fun"  The guard narrowed his eyes and poked a finger into his chest, "Ya know, that's a good idea." He laughed and sauntered off, grabbing the closest drink and wench to hand.


After a while, Pierce went to go "check" on the prisoners, trying to discover which box held Tommy. Between the two, one had a non-moving occupant, the other had a moving one, but that box reeked of feces and some rot. He kneeled down, whispering, "Tommy, are you in there?"


"Ain't no Tommies in here, boy. Whaddya want? What more can you take from me, my other foot?" the mysterious box man said. He thought it over a moment, "Some information."

A wheedling tone came into the other man's voice, "And what do I get out of it?"

He gave a growl of frustration, "It can go much worse for you, if you don't talk"

The man in the box cackled, "Alright, alright… I'll tell you what's been going on lately, but you gotta get in close, so I can whisper it to ya…"

Pierce sensed something was amiss and started walking away, he heard something behind him and turned to look, seeing a stream of piss coming out of the hole he was supposed to listen through. He cursed at the box, heading back to his "post" and noticed Kincaid dragging a struggling Charisse out of the pen, saying he was, "Gonna get him some fun" Kincaid dragged her to a currently unoccupied shelter, and rifled through its contents, finding her some discarded armor and a helmet to wear, her abuse and time in the pen already made what limbs were exposed dirty enough to pass for one of the raiders.

"Alright, lil' girl. Follow my lead and you'll get out of here" he walked out, the two of them heading to the gate, relieving the guards there from their post who also were all too eager to be off duty.


The party had died down to just a few barely moving, talking people, leaving only five guards active in the entire camp, three of them being fakes. The last two were just outside the warehouse doors, sitting down, feet propped up on a spool table, drinking a bit and talking quietly. As Pierce and Kincaid waited, their earpieces squawked twice, followed by silence.


Kincaid broke the silence first, "Old man, you there?"

A gruff huff could be heard through the line, "Give me numbers and positions."


Several minutes later a plan was in place, wait for the last of the revelers to fall asleep, then Kincaid and Charisse were to open the main gate, letting in Cho-Fae and CeeKay. Grandpa was hidden under refuse a few blocks down with a view up the central path of the compound leading right to the warehouse doors. The two who entered quickly dressed in discarded armor, then CeeKay and Pierce walked up to the last two guards in a jovial manner, the guards didn't notice anything out of the ordinary with them and were taken completely by surprise when Pierce put a Spawnblade up under the guard on the right's chin while CeeKay split the other's skull in half with his monokatana. The guards slumped out of their chairs, causing a slight commotion within. Out stepped a large, cybered up man. The two tried hiding the bodies, but the man stepped out, glances to the side and grabbed a large caliber submachine gun, drawing it clear from his holster, then staggered as a hole appeared in his forehead, the glint of metal visible through the hole before the stumbled and fell. Startled, CeeKay and Pierce stabbed the body a few more times… to be sure.


They started quietly taking the slaves out of the pen, Pierce leaving the man he tried speaking to in the cage, getting everyone else out and down the side streets of the outpost. Kincaid started slitting throats of sleeping Raffen Shiv, not wanting to leave any alive. After the fifth one managed to let out a gurgling scream as he died, awakening several others nearby. Kincaid ran to the closest waking up in the street, knocking him out with a right cross. Both Kincaid and Cho-Fae noticed spears nearby, grabbed them and charged at each other as if enemies, then speared the other two raiders, but failed to kill them, both of them screaming horribly. One of the raiders heads disappeared in a spray of blood as Grandpa took the shot from down the street.


The screams woke up the rest of the groggy revelers. Cursing, Kincaid tossed a grenade into the orgy pit, killing and maiming another group of people, leaving a small, fast fight between the RV's protectors and disorganized, mostly naked raiders. Some of the raiders morale broke, and they ran towards the gate where Charisse had hidden by the fenceline.  Cho-fae had given her some grenades as well, and she tossed one at the gate, counting a few breaths down before releasing it, catching the fleeing raiders in its blast. One last warrior stepped out, shouting a challenge to all who would hear him, "I CHALLENGE ALL WHO DARE CROSS THE RAFFEN…" his words were cut off as Kincaid riddled his body with bullets from his rifle.


The remaining slaves took several of the parked trikes and fled as the group from the RV took their stolen gear, supplies and grabbed a ragtop HMMMV from the parking area, driving a long, circuitous route back to where the RV and semi were being worked on. When they finally reached it around mid-day, the front of the RV had been cut off with a plasma cutter and attached to the crumpled trailer's front section and welded in place, metal struts strengthening the connection. The rig was also in working order and several armor plates had been added to the RV, mostly around the sleeping area. Cid took one look at grandpa and swore, "You son of a bitch, I can't believe you pulled it off." He shook his head and handed over a crumpled wad of euros.



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