Road Trippin'

Taking on the Raffen Shiv...

Was this a good idea?

Our ragtag group decided they had had enough of dealing with the Raffen Shiv on their trip through the MidWest. They asked around, finding hints at locations of an outpost and the central city the nomadic raiders called home and went to see about putting a stop to their raiding, pick up some gear along the way. After several days of travel, they ended up at a Truckstop, a very well armed and armored convoy was there, as well as a place where they could offload some of the gear they'd acquired…. Raffen Shiv gear, colorings and markings still on them, in their territory. They asked the local around where to find them, then threatened to nail a set of RS motocross armor to the Truck Stop's wall. They were given a free fill-up of CH002 in exchange for not angering the raiders, but unfortunately the tactic backfired, the nomads got forewarned and laid an ambush. The ambushers perished to the skill of the RV's defenders, but the RV has been disabled and is currently sitting in a ditch while the group tries to think about what to do next.



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